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It grows and grows and...

Ultrasound Solutions business is all around the theme effective use of ultrasound systems to prevent pipes and tanks, cooling systems, yachts and vessels against biofilm and fouling.

Their latest development, HD Transducer Systems are very efficient against any growth in pipes, tubes and tanks as well as on hulls of yachts and vessels.

Today we are already presented in hospitals, facility management companies, industrial applications and agriculture industry. The use of chemical cleaning for technical constructions becomes more difficult in time because of residues in the water and wastewater.

The basis of the most common vegetation in water and other liquids is the biofilm. To produce it artificially is difficult in contrary to the natural process that is developing BIOFILM very easy. In a short time already, the base is created to promote the growth in pipes and on surfaces of any material. If the biofilm is avoided, further growth of the next stage will be impossible!