Cooling Towers

Machines and systems for production often require cooling, especially in the food industry, in order to be able to guarantee full performance. Here, the growth in pipes and containers is an important topic. Biofilm develops very quickly, especially in summertime. The resulting vegetation narrows the pipes and reduces the throughput of coolants (usually water and chemical additives, biocides). Systems equipped with ultrasonic transducers remain clean for a very long time and guarantee full throughput even at higher temperatures. Due to a 24/7 use of the ultrasound, additives can be mostly dispensed. Operating and maintenance costs are significantly reduced!

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Notes of VDI about the use of biocides:

The use of biocides must be dispensed with whenever possible. The use of biocides is subject to Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 - See Article 95. It is also necessary for the employer to check whether it is possible to replace them with less dangerous substances or processes. Biocides may not be used in so far as their use is expected to have harmful effects on human health, organisms other than the target organisms or the environment in individual cases. Bioorganisms are continuously released from biofilms into the circulating water. When using non-oxidizing biocides, the active substance must be changed quarterly to prevent resistance.

Ultrasound HS Technology

Many installations prove the effectiveness of non-cavitative ultrasound to protect against vegetation and biofilm.