Case study

Storage Tanks

Example Greenhouse

Commercial greenhouses are subject to very strict regulations. Treated water is the basis for irrigation. Therefore, the water is constantly treated and awakened with very complex technology and chemical agents. Algae, biofilm, mucus and the like is a threatening factor that significantly influences the growth of plants. UV systems are mostly used to avoid algae and biofilm. These are expensive to buy. The maintenance is very complex and takes a lot of time. Attempts have already been made to keep the UV tubes of these systems clean with ultrasound, virtually online, but this possibility is not technically feasible. The replacement of the UV system with ultrasonic HS technology is much more efficient in this context.

Storage Tank

Technical Preparation

Water Distribution


2 1 4 tank anfang bewaeserung

2 1 4 technik aufbereitung

2 1 4 leitungen

2 1 4 treibhaus strang 1

harsonic biosecurity transparent 800x800

8 1 2 technologie 1000x300dpi transparent

Up to the level of two cells, the cellwall will be destructed.

  • One-time low purchase costs
  • Almost no maintenance
  • No growth reliability 24 / 7 / 365