Pipes / Tubes

Pipes and tubes are essential links between the inflow and the consumer. If these lines are not laid concealed, there is at least still the chance to open and clean the line. But what if everything is laid under cladding, in partitions or under plaster? Often the only option is to reinstall with considerable effort! Pipes and pipes are also subject to the problem of biofilm. Whether it's the medical, steel, pharmaceutical, plastics, food and many others, the topics of cooling and water treatment find their approach in all these areas. Wherever pipes and containers are affected by biofilm, avoiding further growth is a major issue. Growing cross-sections cannot provide 100% performance, resulting in extreme time losses during maintenance and on-going operation. Reduce this problem to a minimum, replacing the use of toxic biocides and similar chemistry with professional non-cavitative ultrasound systems.

In the case of lines already occupied by biofilm, the working time of the ultrasound is very long. The process of biofilm degradation can take several months without prior cleaning.


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