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Drinking water is a prerequisite for human survival. Human history has established camps and settlements near water points such as springs, rivers and freshwater lakes. Until the introduction of tap water as a public water supply, they were the meeting place for people and especially for laundries.

In many countries, they still have this social function. Today, drilling performance is much lower. Extraction wells secure the water supply of many municipalities. The former Groundwater Regulation is intended to implement the 1979 EEC Groundwater Directive and thus to protect groundwater against pollution from certain hazardous substances.

The European Parliament's Directive 2006/118/EC is now in place. Extraction wells are subject to strict rules so that they can serve as a water supply.


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HS technology against mineral deposits in boreholes.

HS technology is the only sustainable way to prevent iron pollution and encrustation in wells and water supply systems. "Groundwater is often contaminated with iron bacteria, iron oxide, manganese oxide and calcium carbonate deposits." The unique HS system can reduce deposits that accumulate and avoid blockages in wells, pipes and pumps and any other water-related equipment. It is designed to achieve maximum flow capacity, improve water quality and extend pump life. Iron or manganese bacteria are a problem that often results from iron or manganese in the water. These bacteria multiply on biofilm and feed on iron and manganese and form a layer of mucus. In addition, a "lazy" smell is created. The affordable HS ultrasound solution avoids biofilm formation. This is the most effective way to avoid deposits and iron bacteria. HS technology guarantees you a constant water supply and enormous savings in equipment and maintenance in wells with bacterial propagation in biofilm.

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