Tubes / Pipes

Non-cavitative ultrasound produces sound waves up to 60m² per transducer in the piping system. The difference between cleaning with chemical agents and ultrasound lies not only in the considerable cost savings, but also in the achievement of niches, which cannot be sufficiently achieved by chemical rinsing.

3 1 1 flange en transparent

The patented HS ultrasonic system is in operation around the clock, 24/7/365. A biofilm can no longer develop, even if there is no circulation in the piping system. Other systems, such as UV systems, only work if appropriate circulation is required. The UV light destroys only parts of the vacuoses. These battered cells regenerate relatively quickly and form new biofilm.

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Ultrasound has clear advantages here.

Of course, a UV system can also be protected from vegetation. The functionality of the system always remains at the maximum level due to the use of non-cavitative ultrasound.