Tubes / Pipes

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Customer satisfaction is our highest goal.

In order to meet this demand, personal contact with you is an important part of our tasks. The subject of ultrasound is very complex and often it is not clear to you which technique (cavalier or non-cavitative) is the right one for your requirement. Take advantage of our many years of know-how from more than 15 years. Even before the founding of Ultrasound Solutions, the management was already concerned with ultrasound and the possible applications. Close cooperation with universities and leading manufacturers creates the depth of information that meets your requirements. The variations of the existing ultrasonic technologies are versatile, but in the planning complex. Usually follow the first contact, meetings that serve the basic research of your requests. Ultrasound is a well-known technology, but few know about the possibilities of this complex technique today. We work in performance sizes that have been specially developed for industrial needs, but they differ significantly from case to case.

Our services:

  • Advice on all questions in the commercial use of ultrasound
  • Testing of existing systems for the use of ultrasound
  • Conception and planning of your ultrasound application
  • Installation
  • Care and maintenance