The BIOSONATOR compact is a high-power ultrasound system for the treatment of sewage sludge. It has been developed as a plug&play system in order to test initial trial runs in wastewater treatment plants prior to purchase.

Before local authority and industrial sludge treatment plant operators decide to use ultrasound in the long-term to treat their sewage sludge, the system is generally tested first for several months. So as to offer operators an even more practical, as well as an optimised solution, ULTRAWAVES, in co-operation with their colleagues at SONOTRONIC, has designed the ultrasound system as a Plug&Play system, the BIOSONATOR compact.

Because the peripherals, consisting of pump, pipework and flowmeter, are incorporated into the BIOSONATOR compact and are ideally matched to the ultrasound unit, the technology can, from now on, be simply and directly integrated into current plant operation. The operator does not have to purchase any further equipment for the trial run, thereby saving time and cost. Another significant advantage is that the ultrasound system can be fitted with 100% compatible components by our service engineers in less than one day and will demonstrate maximum effect even during the test phase. As the BIOSONATOR compact is divided up into three linked platforms (pump, ultrasound system and switch cabinet), it is also simple to install in any room and is very easy to operate.

Ultrasonication can be used at many different layers in sewage treatment plants. Depending on the application, thickened excess or return sludge is exposed to ultrasonic waves, thereby bringing about, for example, increased biogas production, reduced amounts of residual sludge for disposal, reduced digestion time or even the rectification of operating problems. The positive effects of ultrasound are established within a few weeks with the BIOSONATOR compact. Tests in sewage/wastewater treatment plants in North Germany confirm this and provide very good results.

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