Ultrasound is climate neutral, leaves no residues and works very effectively, both in fresh water supply and in wastewater treatment. Our know-how and cooperation with universities and manufacturers is the essential basis for advice and planning tailored to your needs. The installation is then carried out in close cooperation with the manufacturer of the respective products.

We offer both technologies, cavitative and non-cavitative ultrasound, as product and planning partner of the world market leaders HARSONIC bvba (BE) and Ultrawaves GmbH (DE).

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For advice in the individual sectors, the cooperation of the interested party is always required. In order to achieve precise results in your projects, we always need clear information such as:

  • Tube- and pipe length
  • Tube- and pipe diameter
  • Material information
  • Wall thickness
  • Volumes
  • Flow speeds
  • Pressure

As explained in the Ultrasound menu, we are talking about two different ultrasonic systems that complement each other and overlap in only a few areas. It is explained relatively simply, cavitative stands for "dispersion", not cavitative only ensures that growth is prevented.