Thanks to the high-performance ultrasound technology HLUS, it is possible to cause a digestion of liquids and suspension by cavitation, whose released forces can destroy any robust surface. The limiting factors are pipe diameter, volume flow, and flow rate. In the vicinity of the sonotrode, the performance is maximum. Even at short distances from the vibrating formation, the power of the sound waves decreases extremely, so that no significant effect can be achieved.

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  • The sensible application of sonotrodes consists in an appropriate bundling of vibrating structures,
  • if they are directly associated with the medium
  • the pipe diameters are adjusted to the maximum
  • the number of sonotrodes is in reasonable relation to the purchase price (cost - benefit)


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Extremely high shear force for the disintegration of biological matter! (see menu Ultrasound - Cavitative)

Not cavitative


Harsonic's HS Ultrasonic Technology is a low-power system. The maximum power consumption per transducer is only 6 watts and can be supplied by 12 /24 volt DC voltage or standard 230 volts. The ultrasonic waves are generated by special crystals stored in the sound head by means of the (inverse) piezoelectric effect. Here, a high-frequency electrical alternating voltage stimulates the crystals to vibrations, which cause pressure fluctuations and subsequently ultrasound.
(Source: Wikipedia)

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The patented HS technology modifies the modulation of ultrasound in amplitude and time. Depending on the requirements, your own programming is required. That's why the manufacturer supplies the systems for each industry with its own programming and thus stops the vegetation and resulting biofilm. Ultrasound is

  • climate-neutral
  • leaves no residues
  • works very effectiv

Special cases, such as the waste of gold, are treated on a case-by-case basis as a separate project. The corresponding values of the programming are then determined empirically.