Non cavitating


is used in:

  • Freshwater
  • Salt water
  • Alkalis
  • Fuels
  • Oil
  • Fuel oil
  • Etc.

Transducers on tubes, pipes, tank systems, pumps, filters, flanges and many more, remove biofilm from:

  • Algae
  • Vegetation
  • Shells
  • Oysters
  • Barnacles
  • Etc.


A transducer delivers high-frequency ultrasound, which is enhanced by HS Technik (Harsonic in-house development). HS Technik works in 4 levels:

  • Removal of the mucus layer (biofilm)
  • Prevent microorganisms (rust, growth, etc.)
  • Prevent the development of bacteria
  • Destruction of algae by breaking up the vacuole
  • Killing larvae before the age of a maximum of 10 days
  • Killing single-celled organisms => harmless to water supply

The HS technology has sufficient power (approx. 6 watts / transducer) for the elimination of biofilm.

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The technology is based on the application of ultrasonic vibrations and signals in the range 20 - 80 kHz, which are mounted by means of so-called transducers, which are mounted on the fuselage of the interior, the drive and the tank systems. This technique uses not only the pure ultrasound reflected from the water back to the system, but also a software-based frequency of the signals. As a result, the sound signals vary in radiation strength, frequency and amplitude and generate by vibrations an adhesion (organic and inorganic deposits = conditioning film) and colonization hostile (slime-forming microorganisms) milieu. The deposits of organic material and the first colonization by microorganisms, commonly referred to as "biofilm", are prevented. At the same time, bacteria and algae are killed by destroying their cell organelles/vacuoses, as well as larvae and single-celled organisms up to 10 days old. Thus, the adhesion and development of algae growth, shellfish or smallpox growth is permanently disturbed and prevented. Our principle of action is purely physical. We do not change water structures or affect water molecules, our low-intensity radiation energy (6 to 10 watts) has no influence on material or connections, welds, etc. A positive side effect is the removal of residues and deposits such as rust or boiler stone and the prevention of corrosion over the application period. Our patented HAR-SONIC ® transducer technology contributes substantially to environmental protection, as the use of chemical agents is drastically reduced and thus sufficient protection is achieved in salt and fresh water. Due to the low radiation power of max. 10 watts per transducer, however, a surface to be treated cannot be cleaned of existing vegetation by the HARSONIC® technique. Prerequisite for the use of our technology is the absolutely thorough cleaning of the inside of the pipe or other surfaces (such as the hull of ships, tank systems, etc.) before installation and commissioning, the correct positioning and sufficient number of transducers used and a permanent power supply. A schematic representation (if material has been provided by you) of an installation can be found below. In this system, the fuselage or surfaces are sonicated with a transducer (sound transmitter). The sound is emitted via the surfaces, pipes and collection containers, is reflected by the water and then acts on the complete surfaces in the area of the system. This ensures the sonication of the entire system. Details of this are listed in an installation guide below.



The HS systems differ in the application by two variants:

Tube/Pipe Variant 1:

On tubes and pipes

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Tube/Pipe Variant 2:

Glued into the tube / pipe (Inline)

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Tank Variant 1:

On Tanks smaller 50 m³, the Transducer is glued at the outside

8 1 2 tank image schallwellen transparentTank Variant 2:

On Tanks larger 50 m³, theTransducer is floating on the surface.

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Simply put, biofilm is a collection of microorganisms surrounded by mucus, which they secrete, coupled with either a sluggish or living top. Already familiar with any biofilm? The plaque on your teeth, the slippery mucus on river stones, and the gel on the inside of a vase in which a week of flowers stood. Biofilm exists wherever surfaces touch the water. More than 99 percent of all bacteria live in biofilm communities.

  • The faster the flow rate, the slower the settlement 
  • The higher the ambient temperature, the faster the growth


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The controlrs with LCD display and connection for two transducers are designed for different applications. These systems appear to be uniform in their functioning, differ significantly in programming.

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Solutions for:

  • Fresh water supply
  • Food industry
  • Ships/Yachts/Platforms
  • Agriculture and farms
  • Industry Tubes / Pipes / Tank systems
  • Wells / Boreholes


Controller and Housing

All controllers are supplied individually with power supply. If several controllers are used, they are combined into one IP65 housing. The power supply is then centrally for all devices.

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