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Agriculture - Greenhouse

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In the sensitive environment of greenhouses to treat the water is a particular challenge.

Most rainwater is collected in large pools outdoors and then used for irrigation.

The distance to the plant is far. The pollution of the water very costly. The collected rainwater passes through several stages of preparation until it gets into the greenhouse to supply what is needed for optimal growth.

An important part of treatment are still UV reactors. They ensure the disinfection of the water. These reactors are expensive, require a lot of maintenance and only work reliably if the water is kept moving.

However, the situation in greenhouses requires only several times a day watering. This means that the water circulation must be always on the move. If the water without circulation stands still, the formation of biofilm in the pipe system restars after a few hours. Cleaning is therefore always necessary and dependent on chemicals.
Not so with ultrasound.

The HD Transducer System is implemented at appropriate locations in the pipe system, thus supplying the entire system, regardless of whether the water circulates or stands still. The biofilm reflux is thus always prevented.

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