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Ships - Engine room - Boxcooler

Anwendung Schiffe Maschinenraum Boxcooler bearbeitet

Box Cooler are often very tightly fitted. The access is cumbersome and very time-consuming maintenance. The Sea chest for Boxcoolers is just like all other sea chests accessible only from the outside.

These systems are often used for generators and other auxiliary equipment and are not constantly in operation. Just then disturbing vegetation forms on the cooling coils and reduces extremely the performance of cooling.

Again, the HD-transducer system helps against the regrowth of the biofilm, thus preventing the growth sustainable.

On the use of antifouling systems - copper, aluminum and iron ship anodes can be dispensed.

Plate- or radial coolers are usually a part of the main engine and provide sufficient cooling capacity when the pipes, filters and sea chests are clean.

Not always the cooler must be fitted with ultrasound systems. Here, the length of the pipelines and the distance to the outlet becomes a determining factor.

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