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Ships – Hull

Schiffe Rumpf bearbeitet

The number of the transducer on the hull is dependent on the length of the vessel and the draft. Each transducer covers about 40m² respectivily Ø 7,15m.

The transducers are glued to the hull from inside and wired to the corresponding controllers. One potential free contact provides the ability to connect to the on-board error reporting system.
The systems are simular for all popular types of ships.

Of course it is much easier to install the amount of transducers when the vessel is under construction then in a existing one. Mostly the problem is hidden in cross beams an bulkheads. The transducers are small, but the cabeling must be adapted to the existing environment. The maximum cable length is up to 25 meters from each side of the master controll unit.

There are possibilities in most vessel structures to get this task managed in a proper way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions!