The company Ultrasound Solutions GmbH&Co.KG was founded in 2015 and offers services in problem analysis, development, planning, production and installation of ultrasonic systems. The market orientation focuses on the distribution of ultrasonic products for commercial customers. For municipal users, we are happy to establish contact with the respective manufacturer.

In order to be able to serve this special market in all its facets, we have the market-leading companies - Harsonic® (Belgium) - and - Ultrawaves GmbH (Germany) - as close partners.

In addition, we maintain very close contact with universities that are relevant in this technology.
Our know-how is the ideal prerequisite for solving the problems requested by interested parties and customers from a single source.

Cavitation is divided into two segments that define themselves as follows.

Kavitative ultrasound stands for the disintegration of sludge and sludge-like liquids.
Non-cavitative ultrasound stands for the avoidance of biofilm and growth on hulls and walls, pipes, tank systems, cooling systems and fresh water supply.

The future calls for the elimination of biocides and environmentally harmful chemicals. ULTRASOUND already offers many solutions as a green technology that meets these tasks.

Take advantage of our service. Our knowledge in both "worlds" of ultrasound is your advantage.

Yours faithfully

The Management