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Infos - Coolants

In water miscible cutting fluids microorganisms find good living conditions due to a rich nutrient supply. The colonization by micro-organisms lead to a considerable shortening of the service life of the coolant, not only to reduce cooling lubricant constituents and thus, but also on the possible health risks.

Therefore, in general biocide may be used as preservatives in order to restrict the growth of microorganisms. However, this can affect the health because of their often toxic and sensitizing properties too. For this reason, repeatedly manufacturers have been trying for years to develop, effective alternative physical methods to reduce the number of colonies in water miscible cutting fluids.

In a large number of individual tests directly in the workplace or as a research and practical projects was examined whether an effective reduction in the number of colonies can be achieved in water-mixed metalworking fluids by ultrasound. The recent findings of these procedures in the treatment of water miscible cutting fluids, fulfilling your purpose in total, however, vary from system to system with limitations. Regardless of the methods mentioned for use in other aqueous systems it can be quite effective.

With the use of antimicrobial metals, especially silver ions or silver compounds, it is not strictly true to a physical process for the bacterial count reduction. As alternative methods for biocidal use were this method has been Informative published.

The ultrasonic method of HARSONIC differs in its procedural structure in contrary to all methods used to date.

Basically, this technology works with non kavitative emissions of ultrasound. This approach is new and achieved in various test systems an almost one hundred percent success.