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About us

Born out of Lemmer Consult the todays company Ultrasound Solutions is busy within the low power range of ultrasound since the year 2006.

The market presence extends across all branches that deal with fluids in pipes and tanks. Especially the agriculture market with watering and supply of fresh water, animal farming, industrial facilities and facility management.

Since 2007 different ultrasound systems had been installed within shipping to prevent fouling at hull and propeller. Also systems are installed to avoid fouling and biofilm of cooling systems and tanks with fresh water and fuel.

Because of the growth of the last years we found a competence center that is only engaged within the theme Ultrasound. Intensive cooperation with leading research centers in this technology warrants an ongoing development on highest technological level.

The promise to you is, to counsel you as an international customer, showing you State of the Art” solutions, installing professional and guarantee long term services.

Do we spark your interest? We will be happy to get in touch with you and promise high professional and competent consulting regarding your individual application.

Thank you for your attention and we will look forward to the first contact!

To all existing customers, we thank you for your confidence in us.